Pain-Free Tooth Filling That Lasts

When tooth decay can no longer be reversed with calcium and fluoride therapy, it’s necessary to remove the decay by drilling into the tooth and removing the bacteria and infected portion of the tooth structure.
This process leaves a hole in the tooth which must then be repaired or “filled” with a tooth filling. The purpose of the tooth filling is to restore the shape of the tooth while sealing up the cavity so that food and plaque do not get stuck inside as well as ensure the tooth can be used for eating.

We also fix broken tooth fillings, if you experience a small break or chip in your tooth, we can easily repair or replace the filling. If you have a larger, complex breakage you may require a tooth crown.

Tooth filling material

There are several options of white tooth filling materials to choose from, such as a composite filling, our dentist will discuss with you the best option for your teeth and lifestyle, decay risk and aesthetic goals.

Although a tooth filling cannot last forever, our dentists are extremely detailed and ensure they take all necessary steps to increase the longevity of the restorations they place.

If you do need a filling, don’t worry it won’t break the bank as our tooth filling cost starts at $180. The final cost does depend on the size, location and material used.

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