Gentle and Pain-Free Tooth Extraction

Sometimes despite all effort a tooth cannot be saved, and tooth extraction is the only option.
Primarily this is due to the tooth having lost too much structure or the gums that hold your teeth in the jaw have become diseased and have loosened the tooth.

We understand that losing a tooth can be difficult. Our dentists are naturally gentle and are particularly good at ensuring a pain-free and low anxiety experience during the tooth extraction process.


Before the tooth extraction, our dentists will discuss treatment options for either temporarily or permanently replacing the missing tooth or teeth with implants, bridges, or dentures.


We also take referrals from the school dental service for baby teeth extraction. The early loss of a baby tooth can sometimes cause severe crowding in the adult teeth and subsequent need for orthodontic treatment. We recommend a consultation with a dentist with knowledge and experience in children’s teeth and orthodontics before or shortly after the early loss of the baby tooth to discuss the need for interventive treatment.

What happens to the space left by missing teeth?

Having less teeth than what you’re used to can be difficult to adjust to and unsightly when it’s a front tooth. Don’t worry, we offer solutions depending on the patient’s age.

See Crowns, Bridges & Veneers, or Implants and Dentures to find out more.

Wisdom tooth extraction

If you’re experiencing problems with impacted wisdom teeth due to overcrowding, they may need to be extracted. We can assist with simple wisdom tooth extractions. Depending on the state of your wisdom teeth and for more complex issues, you may need to be referred to an oral surgeon.

Tooth extraction cost

The cost of a tooth extraction varies depending on the tooth being extracted and the complexity involved in the procedure. Our tooth extraction cost starts at $100 but after an initial consultation we’ll advise you of the cost for your extraction. We offer free dental care for eligible children and adolescents. For adults we also offer Afterpay to help you spread the cost of your treatment

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