Implants & Dentures


Dental implants replace the root portion of a missing tooth and act as a stable support for false teeth such as an implant-supported crown, bridge or denture. We can refer you to a specialist implant surgeon who can help you achieve an amazing smile!

Dental implants are almost always the best option for replacing missing teeth or teeth that are no longer saveable with a filling or root canal treatment.

Our dentists want the best for our patients and given the price and the invasiveness required to have an implant placed, patients would have the best experience and better long-term success if their implants are placed by specialist dental implant surgeons who have extensive experience.

After an implant is placed by a specialist surgeon and assessed for its stability (a process that takes on average 3-6 months from implant placement), our dentist will then place the crown, bridge or denture so that you can start chewing normally again.

Implanted-supported false teeth are the best way to replace missing teeth. When compared to a bridge they provide the best eating function without damaging neighbouring teeth and are easier to clean. Compared to a denture (removable false teeth) the are much more stable, strong and are fixed so they do not fall out or move around when eating and talking.


We offer denture repairs, denture relines for loose existing dentures as well as new dentures.

Dentures or false teeth/plates are the most economical option to replace missing teeth. They can sometimes be used as an interim option between a tooth extraction and replacing with a bridge or implant-supported crown.

Different types of dentures can be made depending on individual requirements and the location of the missing teeth. Our dentist will check your mouth and recommend the type of denture most suitable for you.

The types of dentures available are listed below:

Full dentures

  • Full dentures are made of acrylic and will require on average 6 visits to fabricate.

Partial dentures

  • Metal chromed denture (3-5 visits)
  • Acrylic Partial denture (2-3 visits)
  • Valplast Denture (2-3 visits)

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