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Our dental clinic offers the flexibility of two levels of dental examinations – the standard dental check up, and a comprehensive dental check up.


During a standard dental check up our dentist will thoroughly assess your teeth and gums as well as check your face, neck, oral soft tissues (lips, roof of mouth, cheeks, tongue, and throat) for signs of disease such as cancer. The health of your jaw joints will also be assessed. Having a 5-year history of regular dental check ups and hygiene cleans is a pre-requisite in applying for ACC cover if you should ever need to have a tooth or teeth replaced with an implant as a result of an accident.

We take monitoring for early signs of problems seriously. Our dentist may recommend taking additional photos and x-rays to screen for early signs of dental disease, pathology in the jaw bones, and abnormal tooth development in children.


A comprehensive dental check up involves all the procedures in a standard examination plus a 3D digital scan of all your teeth, panoramic x-ray (OPG) and photos and a thorough assessment of your jaw joint. We recommend a comprehensive dental examination every 2-4 years.

The digital 3D scan of your teeth allows our dentist to monitor and measure small changes in your teeth such as tooth wear over time. These records can be useful for traumatic injuries to teeth that result in the need to have teeth replaced or restored. The 3D scan and photos can help our dentist reconstruct the shape and position of a new crown to exactly the same as your natural tooth.

In between dental check ups we also recommend a dental hygienist clean to remove hardened plaque and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

It’s time to take your dental health seriously. Book a dental check up at our dental clinic today.

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