The modern diet and environment has increased the chances of improper jaw growth. Often parents do not seek an orthodontic opinion for their child until close to age 12 or when all their adult teeth have come through. This is sometimes too late to achieve optimal facial beauty because treatment with braces and surgery become the only option to correct crooked teeth in under-developed jaw(s). Our dentists believe in interceptive orthodontics, which starts with addressing signs of airway problems and poor tongue posture as early as possible. 

By correcting these problems using age-appropriate treatment such as myofunctional therapy, orthopaedic, and functional appliances as early as 7 years of age, we can help your child reduce the chance of needing braces. Orthopaedic treatment is giving your child’s face and jaws the chance to grow to their full potential so that it will be big enough to fit their full set of teeth (ALL 32 including the wissies!)

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