We take extra care to ensure child patients develop positive dental experiences.

It is recommended that preschool children start annual dental check ups as soon as you see baby teeth. Baby teeth should start to appear around 6 months. Early dental check ups help develop your child’s confidence in the dental environment as well as identifying potential diet and oral hygiene problems that can potentially cause tooth decay.

Why are positive dental experiences important?

Dental examination and early treatment for tooth decay is much less invasive than having fillings and tooth extractions. Like diabetes and obesity, tooth decay is completely preventable through good dietary and lifestyle habits.

Dental phobia and anxiety can develop after a child has experienced toothache from decay and/or a traumatic dental treatment procedure. Fear usually leads to avoidance, often resulting in neglected oral health. Give your child the chance to develop dental confidence by starting their dental check ups as early as possible.

Orthodontic assessment is done as part of your child’s dental check up for early detection of orthodontic problems. We can fix simple orthodontic problems or recommend a suitable orthodontic specialist.

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