Crowns, bridges and veneers

Crowns are recommended for teeth that have lost a lot of structure due to tooth decay, multiple fractures, cracked tooth, or have had root canal treatment completed.

Crowns are like a helmet that encases a weakened tooth. It restores the tooth’s appearance and reduces the risk of further breakages from the weakened walls around a large cavity.

We offer traditional crowns and one-visit crowns.

Traditional crowns require two visits. The first visit involves reducing the size of the tooth to be crowned then an impression or digital scan is taken to send to a dental lab technician who then makes the crown, which is then permanently cemented on to the tooth as a second visit.

One-visit crowns are done on the same day in a 1.5 – 2 hour appointment. The tooth is reduced and a pre-fabricated soft-hard crown that is sized correctly is then placed on the tooth. The soft part of the crown is then directly pushed onto the tooth then hardened with a blue light much the same as the process of having a white filling placed.

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