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At Dental Wellness we will thoroughly check your gum health and perform customised hygiene cleans most suited to the level of cleaning your gums need. As part of each clean, our dental hygienist will show you home care techniques and dental products most suited for you.

Who does the hygiene clean?

Our dentists currently perform dental hygienist care so they will personally manage your clean. The advantage of this is that you’ll receive a more detailed clean in the most difficult to reach areas. This is often only achievable with the help of a dental assistant.

Why Guided Biofilm Therapy?

The dye guides the dentist to where the plaque is so that all plaque is removed.

Watch the video below.

Is EMS Airflow better that normal polish?

Yes! EMS airflow technology blasts air, water and a specialised powder to remove plaque and stains in difficult to reach areas such as heavy staining in between teeth. Airflow is also gentle on sensitive teeth, our water is warmed making it much nicer for sensitive teeth and painless.

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