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We take extra care to ensure child patients develop positive dental experiences.

It is recommended that preschool children start annual dental checkups as soon as you see baby teeth. Baby teeth should start to appear around 6 months. Early dental check-ups help develop your child’s confidence in the dental environment as well as identifying potential diet and oral hygiene problems that can potentially cause tooth decay.


We offer an initial orthodontic consultation for anyone unsure about the need for orthodontic treatment either for themselves or for their child but feel that something might need to be done to improve their smile or the alignment of their teeth and jaws.

At the orthodontic consultation, our dentist will discuss your concerns, assess your face, smile, jaw joint, lip and tongue posture and screen for potential airway problems at the same time as checking the alignment and development of you or your child’s teeth.

We provide free dental care for children between birth to Year 8 who are referred to us from the School Dental Service. To access this service, you will need to obtain a referral letter from the school dental therapist.

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