Dental Care Funding Info

Publicly Funded Dental Care

We received few inquiries about subsided funding and how it works. We understand that there are a lot of information to take in and sometimes the steps can be quite over-whelming to apply for subsidised dental service.  But as with many applications and claims, there are paper work to keep track and making sure we are doing it right, so it is important to stay informed, be prepared to fill-in forms and be ready for some questions.

As a private practice we work along with Ministry of Health and some insurance companies to support our community in making dental care accessible and as affordable as we possibly can.

We find the information on Ministry of Health website to be very helpful in understanding and finding out if you are eligible for certain type of publicly funded dental care.
There are details on how to enrol and check if you are eligible for Children & Adolescents to free basic oral health services from birth to 17 years of age (until their 18th birthday).   There are also helpful related links on their website, and to make things easier, we have included links where you can find out more about publicly subsidised dental services.

Ministry of Health – Publicly funded dental care
Ministry of Health – Visiting a dentist
Ministry of Health – Eligibility for publicly funded health services
Accident Compensation Corporation (aka ACC) – What to do if you’re injured