“As a result of the national COVID-19 level 4 pandemic response there are strict restrictions on the provision of dental care in New Zealand.  Dentists are only able to provide limited urgent and emergency care for the treatment of dental accidents, SEVERE infection (including facial swelling) and the relief of pain. ” – Auckland Dental Association

We will continue to be available for non-face to face consultations, especially for patients requiring emergency dental care.

Emergency Dental Services

Urgent queries will be assessed over the phone and/or video chat to determine the type of emergency care required and whether a physical visit to a clinic is necessary.

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  • Toothache, infections or problems in the mouth that can’t be managed by medication and/or result in a raised temperature or a generalised feeling of sickness.
  • Trauma to a tooth/teeth that causes substantial tooth fracture and mobility, and/or to the lips/face or gums that requires treatment.
  • Swelling of the face/neck/throat.
  • Locked jaw.
  • Infections in the mouth of a diabetic, someone who is immuno-compromised or someone with rheumatic heart disease.
  • An oral appliance that would cause oral harm if not adjusted.


IN THE FIRST INSTANCE phone your own dentist / clinic who may be able to triage you over the phone.

Telephone advice and support is available and it is not always necessary to attend a dental practice.  Attendance at a practice is only permitted for the the dental emergencies listed above and the dental services to manage these issues are limited.


Ways to contact us

We are available on the phone between Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and via a live chat box on our website: located lower right of the screen everyday.


Trauma and Facial Swellings

Dental injuries resulting in a loose or knocked out tooth and facial swellings will usually require urgent attention.  Please contact us ASAP.


Dental pain relief

Most dental pain can be relieved with medication. Our dentist can send prescriptions via email to your pharmacy.

*Delivery of prescription medications from Meadowbank Shopping Centre’s Life Pharmacy and Ray Pharmacy is available on request for residents of the Meadowbank and Remuera Retirement Villages.